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    1. NTW Prize Winners

      Congratulations to all our drivers who entered the National Trucking Week 2020 Contest.  Winners will receive a 4K Resolution, Wifi Enabled, Ultra Wide Angle, Premium Dash Cam (8 in total to be awarded).  All staff who created a video to say thank you to our drivers/industry have been entered into a gift card draw (4 in total to be awarded).  Contest winners are listed below by the draw day.

      September 8th:  
      John Hildebrand – 3101 – Dash Cam
      Melanie Spiertz – 3287 – Dash Cam
      Dale Bjorklund – Costco Gift Card

      September 9th:  
      Dilpreet Bilkhu – 1242 – Dash Cam
      Hakin Kim – 5603 – Dash Cam
      Danielle Morgan – Costco Gift Card

      September 10th:  
      Henry Fouillard – 3178 – Dash Cam
      Manjinder Kang – 1205 – Dash Cam
      Dave Neubuhr – Costco Gift Card

      September 11th:  
      Jake Hiebert – 1307 – Dash Cam
      Jules Turenne – 572 – Dash Cam
      Helmiene Dueck – Costco Gift Card